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Fall in Love With Adventure Travel This Autumn!
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Fall in Love With Adventure Travel This Autumn!

Ah, Autumn. The time of falling leaves, cooling temperatures, and beauty all around. While you may think fall is the time to settle down from an adventure filled summer vacation, think again! Fall is a tried and true time for exploring the world; here are just a few reasons why we’re sure you won’t regret getting out and about during this time of year.


The Temperature is Often Just Right

Adventure travel is a dynamic experience, geared to get your adrenaline pumping and endorphins rushing while having the time of your life! Due to this, active travel is often best experienced when temperatures are mild and a breeze may sweep through to cool your forehead as you summit a mountain peak. Fall provides a perfect atmosphere for adventure in all forms, with cooler temperatures and perhaps even the occasional rainstorm to be caught in.

close up of feet of a runner running in autumn leaves
Scenery and Fall Colors

Accompanying the fair weather is breathtaking scenery; fall is the most vibrant of seasons in many peak destinations. Whether it be trees turning from deep greens to electrifying hues of red, cool-weather flowers coming into bloom, or yearly crop harvests coming to maturity, there are sure to be plenty of natures finest colors accompanying you on your travels during September, October, and November. The harvest season also brings with it a smorgasbord of tantalizing smells; earthy tones of fresh wheat, the sweet pinch of a ripe apple, or the hearty scent of a pumpkin crop will drift in the window of your villa each morning when you embark during the fall months.

A beautiful autumn forest scene in the setting sun.
Less Crowds and Large Groups

Many travelers find themselves unable to squeeze in vacation time after the easy summer months. Whether it be due to their children returning to school, work picking up speed, or the simple necessity of staying home for the holidays, most will not be jumping at the chance to board a plane abroad in October or November. For fall travelers, this means less populated destinations! You can skip the line, dodge the crowd, and enjoy a more authentic experience without being surrounded by tourists. What could beat being enveloped into the true local routine?

A peaceful vineyard at sunset.
The Magic of Fall Festivals


While summer months often boast exclusive attractions, many of these are geared to capture the attention of the typical tourist, and thus end up being far from authentic experience. During the fall, however, cultural festivals abound. Take the Viennale Film Festival in Vienna, Austria, for example, if you happen to be one inclined towards the arts. If you enjoy savoring a fine local beer, Oktoberfest takes place in the Fall in Munich, Germany. Enjoy the sweet scent of flowering plants? The Festival Flora in Cordoba, Spain, will be right up your alley (image right).

Festival Flora in Cordoba, Spain.

Fall is an idyllic season to travel during; whether it be the excellent weather, scenery, or local attractions, cities seem to come alive in the months proceeding winter. When you travel in autumn, you’ll give yourself the gift of a more authentic experience and opportunities to make memories which will last a lifetime!


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