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Fall in Love with Greece
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Fall in Love with Greece

By: Austin Adventures February 22, 2012

Greece is an idyllic place with different islands and rich cultural history.  The grandeur of Ancient Greece can still be felt as you visit the Parthenon and the Temple of Zeus. The structures may not be as imposing as before because of deterioration, but the trace of its glorious part is still evident.

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Greece is a splendid spot for adventure vacations for couples. It can be both a romantic and exciting place at the same time.  The island of Mykonos is a tourist favorite.  During the day, you can enjoy the beach and party during the night.  Take a short boat trip to the Greek island of Delos to explore this extensive archaeological site. Believed to the birthplace of Apollo, you will get a refresher of your Greek mythology as you wander around this ancient sacred ground.

Because Greece is made up of different islands, it will feel like you are hopping on small adventure trips one island after another.  Discover and learn how cook Greece’s delicious Mediterranean fare with a private cooking class. You can end this fabulous European vacation with a trip to Santorini.  Take a mule ride up to its winding slopes as you admire the beauty of the landscape. It is definitely hard not to fall in love with Greece.

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