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Europe Family Vacations for Relaxation & Education
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Europe Family Vacations for Relaxation & Education

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Austin Adventures’ adventure trips are a treat for people who are passionate about traveling to unexplored and virgin territories. European vacations provide ample opportunities to go on hiking trips, cycling tours and treading on foot to discover the wonders from the medieval era.

Plan your family adventure vacations keeping everyone’s interest in mind as there is so much to do. Children watch Roman history come alive outside the classroom when they are surrounded by elegant Roman castles and artifacts in Germany. As you walk through serene gardens and the banks of the tranquil Mosel River, you will be overwhelmed with the feeling of oneness with nature.

Pedal through the vineyards of France with your family admiring the exquisite beauty of wine villages or just sneak into one of the least traveled European countries, Slovenia. Yet untouched by tourism, this destination has spectacular lakes and waterfalls. The biggest advantage of visiting Slovenia is that it touches the Alps and gives you the chance to ski in winters. As it also touches the Mediterranean, you can get to the sea for an unforgettable experience during summertime. Slovenia has a vast area covered by rich forests that is very enjoyable to view the landscape from above in a hot air balloon. There are more adventures as you bike through the real caves and abandoned mines.

Or go for the tried-and-true, Italy. No other country conjures up such a vivid picture of delicious food and wine served in the most romantic of settings. 

Make Europe part of your travel plans this year by calling our adventure travel consultants at 1-800-575-1540.

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