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Family Travel: Don’t Overthink, Don’t Over Plan, Don’t Overpay.

Family Travel: Don’t Overthink, Don’t Over Plan, Don’t Overpay.

Family Horseback riding in Montana

In early February, the scavenger hunt to plan the perfect family trip is at full speed. Hours of work misconduct are racked up, clicking through websites, reading testimonials, and taking down itinerary notes on every possible activity and landmark listed on TripAdvisor just to make sure no important details are left astray. Planning a family vacation, while rewarding once you get there, can be a daunting task.

The promise of a memorable family excursion remains at the top of many household’s bucket list. Family trips offer brief moments in time to build memories, provide opportunities to reconnect and shape relationships with children while adults rejuvenate. Vacations are needed; the benefits of spending quality time with family to relish in uninterrupted, fun-filled, and stress-free time together is crucial. Parents know this, not from experience, but from the editorials highlighted in family publications.

As parents, our hope to create warmhearted memories often becomes entangled in a web of anxieties, pressures, and apprehensions. After all, squandering precious time in hopes to craft a perfect retreat, demonstrates the due diligence it takes. It’s every parent’s dream to capture just one perfect photo of everyone laughing and having fun (as promised in every travel brochure researched). But it just never seems to culminate as planned. The kids fight, the rental car you booked was a mini cooper and not a minivan, and someone’s luggage always gets lost.

Old Faithful Montana Vacations

The battle to get from one pinnacle to the next on limited time becomes discouraging because, once again the children resort to electronics to pass the time, almost inhibiting all your hard work. An unexpected rainstorm can leave parents trying to quickly resort to the next activity, in unfamiliar territory, to entertain the crew. While visiting Yellowstone National Park, the most popular attraction, Old Faithful erupts every 35 to 120 minutes. Because it’s quite a popular Montana Family Vacation, crowds can cause a delay in getting your family to the next attraction. Parents are left blaming Mother Nature for missing yet another dinner reservation. Nevertheless, hopeful parents still sit behind their computers with an unwavering attempt to conquer the task of planning the seamless vacation.

Not all parents are travel agents, and not all parents are nature guides.

Vacations are an opportunity to discover, fill imaginations, craft memories and enjoy time together. Vacations are not however about adding new skills to the parental resume. Too many times planning vacations become just another hat for parents to wear; another task on a long list of to-dos, depriving parents of the fun they deserve.

AA guide, Kasey Morrissey (Austin)Moms and Dads, remove your vacation planning hat and leave trip development to the experts. Adults, as well as children, deserve the feeling of excitement and happiness with their families. The complexity developing the perfect itinerary is far more demanding than a Google search. Tour companies devote hundreds of hours and lots of money developing the ultimate trip. Award-winning guide Kasey Austin, VP of Operations for Austin Adventures, dedicates time researching, designing and touring trip destinations to make sure our trips are flawless. She says working with local guides and contractors is essential to planning the perfect adventure vacation. Austin Adventures has excellent guides, and unforgettable tours in some of the most pristine lands nature has to offer. These trips offer adventure seekers the opportunity not just to see amazing destinations, but to experience the natural surroundings easily overlooked without an expert eye. Guides provide knowledge, experience, fun activities accessible to the chosen destination, unexpected “WOW” factors and above all, the stress-free vacation every parent desires.

Take a break and lighten your load. Stop overthinking, stop over planning, and stop overpaying for unforgettable family tours. Let the professionals treat you to an amazing fun-filled journey the whole family will love and talk about for years to come. Whether you would like to hike Utah’s Bryce or Zion Canyon, bike Alaska, ride horses in Montana, explore Yellowstone National Park, float the Snake River in the Tetons, take a trip to Europe, Cuba, Costa Rica or Australia—Austin Adventures has trip destinations on all seven continents. It’s time to sit back and enjoy!

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