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Father-Son Galapagos Adventure
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Father-Son Galapagos Adventure

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Over the years my Dad has taken me on a lot of trips and I always dreamed about taking him on one. Recently I was finally able to return the favor, so where do two adventure loving, tree hugging, wildlife enthusiast, nature freaks go on vacation? Simple… The Galapagos Islands! Next up to decide was where to stay, my Dad and I are not the type of travelers that look to stay in fancy hotels. We are the type of travelers that want a unique place to stay that gives us a real sense of being in the destinations, luckily for us we got to stay at the Galapagos Safari Camp. (Photos above)

The Galapagos Safari Camp was the ultimate place to stay for us, you get to sleep in these massive safari tents far away from the city. This allows for a quiet, private and stunning location in the highlands of Santa Cruz Island. This is camping in style! All the tents have showers, hardwood floors and comfy beds, with my Dad being in his sixties it was a nice alternative to the camping we use to do.

Not to mention the amazing staff they have at the camp, we got to meet the owners Michael and Stephanie who have built this wonderful property from the ground up. It is inspiring to see their passion and love for this place. Then there’s all the other smiling faces at the camp, everyone there was just too good to us and made us feel right at home. Another nice touch was every night before dinner the chef would come out grinning ear to ear and tell us about our meal.

For activities the Galapagos was the perfect fit for my Dad and I. We got to explore volcano craters, lava tubes, snorkel and swim with seal lions, see giant tortoises and I got to surf! We both got everything we were looking for out of this trip and now we’re planning our next adventure together!

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Video: Jonathan and Jerry swimming with seal lions

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