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Find Romance in France
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Find Romance in France

With its royal palaces, vibrant gardens and delightful delicacies, France is the perfect place for couples to reconnect and relax in a romantic setting. Adventure tours to the land of thriving vineyards, charming shops and royal castles are sure to please anyone.

Pedal your way through beautiful Burgundy on one of our distinguished cycling tours. Savor the spicy aroma of delicious Burgundy wines while relaxing on your cozy hotel terrace overlooking the beautifully quaint town of Beaune. Take a moment to breathe in the delicious perfume of sweet grape vines. Don’t forget your camera – it is sure to come in handy when you arrive at the gargoyle-studded church of Notre-Dame.

Surprise your loved one with a cycling tour through the stunning vineyard district of Chagny where guests can delight in tastings from famed and revered wineries. When it’s time to relax after spending your day building up a craving for delectable French cuisine, enjoy a feast of lobster ravioli, foie gras and souffle ice cream. Bon appetit!

European vacations with Austin Lehman Adventures are truly unforgettable. Call us today and schedule your trip to relax and reconnect in an amazing place and get ready to make memories you will cherish forever.

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