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Finding my way to Alaska
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Finding my way to Alaska

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We are all drawn outside…One of the many beauties of nature is the diversity the outdoors can portray and the spectrum of interests it can entertain. Whether looking at the historical and geological influences that made our environment what it is today or simply taking in the breeze and appreciating without question, the outdoors can fill many needs. You can do this in your backyard or you can take it to the next level through an Alaska Family Vacation.

This summer I have the unique opportunity to experience Alaska’s abundance of land and sea, mountains and towns, by guiding Austin Adventures Alaska Tours. As one of the most seismically active places on earth, Alaska is continually changing. The pacific plate is continually making is way under the continent folding magnificent mountains. Glaciers have carved through the land giving us places like Resurrection bay. At nearly 1,000ft, Resurrection Bay does not freeze. It was the accessibility of the bay that allowed Seward to establish as a town, but it is the beauty of the water and the history of the town that excite those of us lucky enough to visit Seward.

With Austin Adventures, we not only get to explore Seward and see Resurrection Bay, but we also stay on a stunningly beautiful island within the bay, see the mountains from the tranquility of a kayak, and whiteness some of the animals that call Alaska home – all on the first day. This will be an amazing adventure for me that I can’t wait to share with our guests.

Your friendly adventure guide,


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