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Five Unbeatable Reasons to Travel in the Fall
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Five Unbeatable Reasons to Travel in the Fall


When September rolls around, it typically signifies the end of the busy summer travel season. The school year begins and folks transition back to the grind of the typical work week. Fall is the season of change; the leaves start to turn colors, the weather shifts from summertime heat to crisp autumn mornings, and thoughts tend to shift from sunscreen and shorts to sweater weather and pumpkin spice, but there is one lesser-known plus side to fall: it is quickly becoming the hottest trend in travel. We recommend turning your thoughts toward the advantages and benefits of traveling during this season of change, and here at Austin Adventures, we are here to help you fall in love with your next trip.

Milder Weather

Let’s be honest: September is the perfect month for weather. The days are still warm enough to enjoy the trail without melting from the hot summer heat, and nighttime is just cool enough to bundle in a sweater and sit around a fire. It is still early enough to avoid snow, which means that outdoor adventures are still attainable, often with better weather and fewer crowds. Milder days allow for longer time spent outside without dashing inside to take for the A/C and allows you to take advantage of exploring and discovering your surroundings via hiking, biking, and kayaking without worrying about getting too hot. Comfort is the name of the game with fall weather, and that can only improve your once-in-a-lifetime vacation!

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More Affordable Travel

Savvy business owners know to take advantage of large crowds by increasing their prices in the peak summer months. Hotels are booked, prices are high, and travelers find themselves hunting for the best deals. In the fall, however, peak prices go down and peak adventure awaits! Accommodations aren’t the only prices that are lower: the cost of airfare goes down, gear rentals are typically lower, and you can find better access to hard-to-book activities.

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Fewer Crowds

You may have planned the perfect summer adventure but often times, so has everyone else. It can be hard to full take in the spectacular wonder of the world’s most iconic sites when you are competing with crowds to find your perfect view or family photo spot. As the summer fades to fall so do the crowds, which means you will find that little bit of perfect solitude with nature without having to compete with as many other travelers. Take all the pictures you want and take advantage of being the only one blazing the trails.

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Seasonal Foods

Traveling means sampling foods from around the world and taking advantage of the seasonal delights of a region. Traveling in the fall means access to great harvest-season foods including, in many cases, farm-to-table meals that can only be enjoyed in the autumn months.

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Stunning Scenery

There’s something about a lush, green forest to make you feel alive, and there is no denying the beauty of an expansive mountainscape piercing the bright blue summer sky. Summer is without-a-doubt a beautiful time to travel, but the fall months bring abounding beauty and lovely colors that can only seem a few weeks out of the year. Imagine thousands of acres of mountain forest changing in sunset-shades of orange and reds. Stroll lakeside or riverfront trails and listen to the quietness of this season. The vibrant changing colors of fall foliage are sure to take your breath away, and there is still plenty of sun and blue skies to make the reds, golds, and oranges really pop against the landscape.

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Fall is a vibrant, cost-effective and fun time to explore. No matter what type of travel you prefer, there is a trip for everyone at Austin Adventures.


Where to go with Austin Adventures in the fall if you’re looking for….

Photography Utah: Bryce Canyon/Zion National Park
Croatia: Dalmatian Coast
California: Death Valley
Wildlife Yellowstone National Park
Alberta: Banff to Jasper
Bicycling South Dakota: Black Hills
France: Loire Valley
Bucket List Holland and Germany: Amsterdam to Aachen
Spain: Barcelona and Catalonia
Washington: San Juan Islands

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