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Four Guides that Make Austin Adventures Great

Four Guides that Make Austin Adventures Great


Four Guides that Make Austin Adventures Great

(by Greg Tamm)

Last week, we embarked on the annual spring staff training for Austin Adventures in Billings, Montana. I was quickly reminded one of the reasons why Austin Adventures is the best adventure travel company in the world. It boils down to four stellar guides: Brian, Carrie, Will and Sheri.

Guide One: Brian “The Swiss Army guide”

Bryan Codi 2


This year, the guide team hiked into a remote mountain pass in Montana. The hike required a fairly heavy pack, so we took quite a few breaks. During one of the breaks, we all took our packs off for better access to the items we so carefully packed. Not Brian.

“I take my pack off for nothing,” he asserts.

Ha! We all tried to stump him with an item that would warrant the need to dig into the depths of his pack.

“Brian, do you have any binoculars?” we asked.

“In arms reach,” he replied.

We tried everything: a camera, knife, chapstick, hand sanitizer, snack. He moved for nothing. I mean, this guy can outfit a pack. If you go on an adventure with him in Yellowstone National Park, I dare you to challenge him to find something that makes him take off his pack.

Guide Two: Carrie “The Adrenaline Junkie”

Carrie Lee


Carrie has a wild sparkle in her eye and a passion for the outdoors that’s infectious and kicks you back into life no matter your mood. Get her talking about hiking up some mountain peak to ski down a triple-black-diamond run or ask her about her last backcountry run and she’ll spin such a riveting story that you’ll feel like you, too, were there. She even makes marathons sound fun. Discover her zest on any Austin Adventures Glacier National Park trip.

Guide Three: Will “Stop and Smell the Roses”

Will Woods


As a guide, Will loves what he does, and he does it well. Typically leading adventures in his own backyard of the Canadian Rockies, Will shares his passion and knowledge of the backcountry with anyone who cares to listen. Will’s greatest love in the outdoors is wildflowers, so on any hike, enjoy gleaning his wisdom of the colorful, odiferous blooms after a snowy winter. Astoundingly, he knows the lifecycles and identities of every single one you’ll spy along the way.

Guide Four: Sheri “the Peter Brown of Alaska”

Sheri Saari 2


Sheri is one of the best naturalists I have ever come across. She knows it all, from the lichens growing on the rocks in the temperate rainforest to the symbiotic relationships between the green sea turtle and the coral-banded cleaner shrimp. Her passion is seabirds. Interested in the migration routes of the wandering tattler or the Layson albatross? Sheri will feel you in on all of the exciting details. Not sure what the “Peter Brown of Alaska” means? Come up to Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula this summer and I’ll tell you!


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