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French European Vacation for Couples
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French European Vacation for Couples

What better place can there be to reconnect with your spouse than spending a week together in Europe? Austin-Lehman’s cycling tours are especially designed for couples looking for a getaway from their everyday lives. The rich history and diversity of France combined with its enchanting vineyards and world renowned cuisine makes it an ideal adventure vacation. Biking through the magnificent region of Provence will allow couples to experience the perfectly dry weather, picturesque hills and Roman ruins. Walk hand in hand as you view lush landscapes surrounded by olive greens, lavender, sunflowers and vineyards. Get inspired strolling through narrow streets and drawbridges in Arles, all once Van Gogh’s own personal canvas for inspiration.

The two of you will marvel at medieval towers of Uzes while walking through its narrow streets taking in a picture perfect view of the city and surrounding landscapes. A European vacation is a perfect setting for rekindling romance and indulging in some adventure. Roaming around the historical churches, old buildings with amazing Roman archaeology, gorgeous amphitheatre and the narrow streets of Arles has a romantic old world charm.

Women won’t want to miss the market in St.-Remy-de-Provence for the latest high fashion and to shop the exquisite collections of cotton tank tops, beautiful flared skirts and of course cute matching accessories. Enjoy the simple and traditional way of life while savouring a sumptuous meal and a glass of world class local wine on our adventure vacations for couples. The sight of pink flamingos freely hopping around at the natural reserve of the Camargue is simply mesmerizing.

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