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Namibia desert

Dan here from Namibia, I just wanted to share some fun facts about Namibia…

Namibia is now an independent democracy ruled by a multi party parliament, in the past it under German, British and most recently South African rule. Gaining independence in 1990

Namibia is the 5th largest country in Africa. A country of stunning contrasts, with two vast deserts; the Namib and its red sand and the Kalahari in the eastern interior (a sparsely vegetated savanna.

The Namib Desert which runs along the entire Atlantic Coastline of Namibia is the oldest desert in the world.

Namibia is one of if not the most sparsely populated countries in the world. Just over 2 million people inhabit a country larger then Great Britain and France combined.

Namibia was the first country in the world to incorporate the protection of the environment into its constitution.

English is the “official” language, however Afrikaans is the most widely spoken and understood.

Oshiwambo Greetings (50% of native Namibians speak Oshiwambo;

How are you?- Oshili ngaipi?
I am fine, how are you?-Onawaongeipi?
Goodbye- Eendiponawa

African Greetings;
How are you?- Hoe gaan dit?
I am fine and how are you?- Dit gaan goed en jy?
Goodbye- Totseins

I hope one day you can practice your Oshiwambo,

Dan Austin


Dan Austin

Written by: Dan Austin

Born and bred into the outdoor life in California, Dan Austin is the Founder and President of Austin Adventures.

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