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Get Away From It All with Belgian Adventure Vacations for Couples
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Get Away From It All with Belgian Adventure Vacations for Couples

European vacations are always a favorite of travelers from all parts of the globe. The magnificent monuments, rich history and architecture, fashion and adventure combined together in a single holiday provide definite allure.

Austin-Lehman has crafted adventure vacations for couples ready to celebrate their love of each other and travel to new destinations. Our tour to Belgium may be just the trip to take your relationship to the next level.

Take a week long break from your routine life to envelope yourself in fun, passion and thrill. Indulge in Belgium chocolates, the best in the world; Belgium French fries, the birthplace of fries; and Belgium beer with over 500 varieties to choose from, more than any other country in the world, on a Belgium adventure trip. Carefree cycling is a way of life in Belgium, and you get the authentic continental experience away from crowds in your own space. Enjoy the marvelous view of historic towns like Bruges, Antwerp and Gent while exploring the provincial country life on two wheels.

Visit the “Town of Spa” for its beautiful architecture and spa baths that have been well known since Roman times. The tiny harbors along the North Sea coast and the inland canals add to the beauty of Belgium. You can take a boat tour through the canals and learn interesting facts about the place. Biking at your own pace and relaxing in between will allow you to enjoy some exotic local cuisine and beautiful sites. Don’t miss the Sunday flea market in Tongeren for antiques, jewelry and other collectibles to bring home as mementos of your time away.

Stop by our online adventure travel catalog to view the full Belgian itinerary and learn more about booking this trip of a lifetime today.

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