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Get Involved! Introducing WOC International
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Get Involved! Introducing WOC International

Dan Austin lending a hand in Africa
Wheels of Change
Inspired by the news of Austin-Lehman winning the Global Vision Award for “corporate innovation” for our work with Wheels Of Change in Montana and WOCMontana’s continued success bringing mobility to communities in Africa. ALA is proud to announce the launch WOC International, a worldwide effort to help the people of Africa gain access to mobility and create a better life for all in local communities. As an organization, WOC International is helping to form the foundation for change in Africa, driven by the simple belief that a bicycle can make a difference!
Bike Workshop
Bike workshop in Ngoma, Namibia

The Facts:
A bicycle; one of the simplest transport technologies, affordable and can be maintained anywhere in the world with minimal tools and spare parts. Yet for millions of low income people a new bicycle is financially out of reach. Meanwhile, in the western world we discard thousands of bicycles every year. When a bicycle is donated, the possibilities are endless and the math becomes simple. In the hands of a healthcare worker, they can cover four times the ground than on foot. Girls are 70 percent more likely to attend school if their household owns a bicycle, the shipping container the bikes are sent in become a working and sustainable bike shop providing jobs in the communities.

Shipping container turns into bike shop
Shipping container that will be turned into a bike shop

Get Involved:
It’s simple! Donate a bike. Change a life. 100% of all donations, cash, equipment and materials go directly to the recipient communities in Africa. To date, over 10,000 bicycles have been shipped overseas and 26 bike shops have been established and maintained. Their latest shipment just landed in Kenya and is on it’s way to Nairobi. Every little bit helps, whether you are donating a bike, donating money, or even starting up your own chapter of Wheels of Change. Please visit www.wocinternational.org and donate today! Become a fan of WOC International on Facebook and get news about their current efforts.

For more information on WOC International please email Dan Austin at [email protected]


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