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Machu Picchu Vacations

It all started with a casual conversation with my daughter’s college roommate at her graduation last May. “Hey, Jacq, you should go to Peru with Kasey and me” . A couple of weeks later our group had grown from two to four, and then to five. A few more weeks down the road and our group is now seven in total, our final number ended up being eight!

I love to travel in South and Central America, and Peru has been on my bucket list of adventures for a very long time. The scenery is fantastic, the food is delicious and the locals are so friendly that I have a hard time leaving them.

Machu Picchu Peruvians Peru locals

In order to get ready for this adventure I have been training for the last six months. Four mornings a week I have been going to fit camp at the gym at 5:30 am. Yes, it sounds crazy, but, I have to be able to keep up with the youngsters in the group! I know that day when we climb Huayana Picchu I will thank our fearless fit camp leader Angie for all of those extra lunges. While I cant do much to prepare for the altitude, the rest of me (body & soul) will be strong and ready to trek on down the trail!

I have been so excited about our trip, that even though my suitcase is still on the shelf in the garage I have packed and repacked my bag and my pack in my sleep! Counting the days until our departure and watching!

Your Travel Wizard,

Carol Austin

Carol Austin

Written by: Carol Austin

Carol Austin grew up in Montana, but she's traveled all over the world. She loves her job and her sweet dog Gracie.

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