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Goals of Traveling
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Goals of Traveling

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While on a flight from Miami to Ecuador I was pondering why I love to travel so much and what my goals of my trip to Ecuador were. For me traveling is about new experiences, finding things I can’t find close to home, seeing new places, trying new foods, meeting new people and making memories that will last a lifetime. You won’t always remember reading this blog or what you had for lunch today, but you will remember trying a strange new food in another country or seeing fearless wildlife in the Galapagos.

For this trip to Ecuador which is “workcation” (half work and half vacation) my goals are to try new foods, which is a stretch for a picky eater like me! Help with a local conservation project in Cotopaxi National Park. Get my Dad (who is coming with me) to try a new sport, I’m hoping he will try ziplining. Practice my Spanish with the locals. Get some amazing photos and video for the Austin-Lehman website. Also we will be doing some new trip development at Tierra Del Volcan and expanding our hiking vacations. Tierra del Volcan is an adventure travel company that offers adventure activities and ecotourism options located in the heart of Ecuador’s Greatest National Parks.

I have one more goal and that is to share my trip to Ecuador with you! I am going to try my best to bust out some travel blogs, post photos and video while I’m on my trip. The goal being to inspire people to get and see this amazing world we live in.

So check back soon, much more to come!

Leave a comment and share your goals and why you travel! We love hearing from you!

Your friendly and excited traveler,


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