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Gourmet and Culinary Vacations this summer with Austin-Lehman Adventures
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Gourmet and Culinary Vacations this summer with Austin-Lehman Adventures

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Looking to plan your next dream vacation? Perhaps you are one of those travelers that want nothing on the agenda for the day, just a nice relaxing retreat on a white sandy beach with a pina colada in hand. Maybe your sense of adventure is only perked up when you think about experiencing an adrenaline pumping activity like rafting or mountain biking. On the other hand, maybe you are the type of traveller that interest spikes when you hear the words buttery, delectable, rich and flavorful. Austin-Lehman Adventures is not one to over look the span of delicious foods, wines, sweets and cuisine’s that differ around the world. If you are a traveler who likes to experience culture through the different flavors of the world then Culinary and Gourmet Vacations may be the next must try experience for the foodie in you.

Visit A Vineyard In France

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What better place to sip on a glass of Burgundy wine then in the famous town itself in the heart of France. As one of the most famous and influential wine growing regions in the world, Burgundy is a beautiful location for any wine enthusiast.  Whether you are a wine connoisseur or simply love the varieties of flavors, Burgundy is sure to impress. The wine will not be the only memorable part of your vacation however; the rich flavors of a lobster ravioli, foie gras, and homemade ice cream souffle will all be the talk of the evening as you indulge in some of the most flavorful foods France has to offer. Whether you are up for a Burgundy cycling tour or prefer to explore the medieval castles of Loire Valley or the shorelines of Brittany and Normandy, with Austin Lehman you will be assured delicious wines, flavors, and gourmet adventures.

Appreciate An Adventure In Austria


The Austrian Alps are a delight for not only the eyes but also for the pallet. Austria tours offer snowcapped mountains, expansive lakes, and 14,000-year-old glacier carved gorges. These should be reason enough to head to this visual paradise. Austria has a delicious variety of local wines that pair fantastically with local Austrian cheeses and fruits. You can anticipate savory flavors with creams, mustards, and delicious capers. A great way to finish off a wonderful dinner is with a rich cup of traditional Austrian coffee, then unwind in your postcard-perfect accommodations.

Delve Into Denmark


A Danish Isles adventure is sure to caress your taste buds with its famous flavors for local seafood and use of high quality local produce. You will need to experience Smørrebrød (or a local open-faced sandwich) on a variety of different breads accompanied by your choice of salmon, prawns or breaded fish. Denmark is not just a great place to experience delicious cuisine, but also it offers a backdrop of sheer cliffs, and dune-swept beaches. Tour the country by island hopping through the rolling countryside with historic ruins, ancient castles, and colorful fishing villages. From visiting historical museums to watching the changing of the guards, you will be entertained on every day of your trip. Your Danish Isles Bike Tour is a fantastic way to enjoy the delicious taste of Denmark.

A Toast in Napa Valley


For the foodie Napa and Sonoma have become synonymous with award winning wines and elegant dining. For the adventurer Napa and Sonoma are prime for hiking, kayaking, and biking California’s stunning grassland, mountain trails, and pristine bays. Something that both the foodie and the adventurer can enjoy is the regions wine. Napa’s first commercial winery was established in 1861 from which the industry quickly grew due to fantastic climate for grape vineyards. Today Napa boasts more than 300 vineyards and is an ideal location for wine connoisseurs and fans alike. Napa Valley is located in the greater bay area of Northern California and enjoys a warm climate with mild winters. The perfect place to spend a summer vacation! No matter what your craving, this gourmet Wine Tour of California is everything you could imagine and more.

Tantalize your Taste buds in Tuscany


Every fan of delicious food and wines, have once upon a time dreamed of the amazing aromas that Tuscan kitchens have to offer. A region of Italy known for its delicious cuisine is a dream location for anyone who loves to experience great food while traveling. Not only is the food and wine a treat for your senses but also a dream for cycling tours. While the foodie in you can bask in the delicious authentic flavors of the finest extra virgin olive oil, the cyclist in you can charge the country side by bike. There is also the chance to marvel at the renaissance landmarks such as the breathtaking Dummo, Uffizi, Ponte Vecchio and the Pitti Palace.  No list of gourmet travel adventures would be complete without listing a Tuscany Bike Tour.

Are you hungry now? If so, follow your senses and check out our Culinary and Gourmet Vacations.


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