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My Grand Canyon Vacation Memories
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My Grand Canyon Vacation Memories

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I have had the opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon many times. It’s tough to choose my favorite Grand Canyon Vacation memory, but here are a few.

Archaeologists say that the Grand Canyon was first inhabitated by Native Americans nearly 10,000 years ago. The first non-native inhabitants were Spanish soldiers who explored the South Rim of the canyon with Hopi guides in 1540. This mission of this expedition: searching for the “Seven Cities of Gold”. In 1869 John Wesley Powell, a one armed Civil War veteran led the first voyage to explore the Grand Canyon.

I have rafted the Grand Canyon on a j-rig in the big waters of the spring of 2011. Sleeping under the starlight skies as our journey took us the 187 miles from Marble Canyon to Lava Falls. in a constant state of the change the Grand Canyon takes you on a magical journey back in geologic time. Massive canyon walls that display the eons of natural history, at one place dark and narrow, and at another lush with waterfalls tumbling hundreds of feet in amazing veils of water. Our daily stops included hikes to sparkling streams, pristine pools, green fern glens, and ancient Anasazi ruins. The mind thrilling twists and turns of the Grand Canyon entice you with the thrill of over 60 rapids.

One of my personal favorite hiking vacations was in the Grand Canyon to Havasupai. Havasupai translates to the “People of the Blue Green Waters.” This lush tropical slot canyon off of the Grand Canyon is an amazing utopia in the middle of a very dry land. Lush tropical gardens, thundering waterfalls, travertine pools filled (refreshing after a day of hiking) canyons filled with grape vines and the clearest skies imaginable at night.

See you out on the trails,

Carol Austin


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