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A Guide’s Take on Austin Adventures’ Partnership with Life Is Good
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A Guide’s Take on Austin Adventures’ Partnership with Life Is Good


life is good partnership

Exciting times are happening on the Austin Adventures front line. We recently entered a partnership with the folks at Life is Good, an apparel and lifestyle brand, to present iconic adventure vacations for their community. Our intrepid team at Austin traveled to Life is Good in Boston for an official launch of this new and exciting campaign. Personally, I was hesitant about this new relationship at first. Never having been to New England, I had perceived thoughts on how this company’s energy, and the employees in general, would be. I thought conversations might be short and to the point, their attitude aggressive, and their mindset very business-oriented. As we walked through the doors of the Life is Good headquarters, these preconceptions were instantly washed away. We found the most positive, down-to-earth team of professionals there. I knew right then that Austin Adventures’ relaxed Montana roots would tie in beautifully with Life is Good’s culture.

kasey presenting at life is good Life is Good vacations make sense. By creating memories in physical locations often found in the inspiring designs of Life Is Good, travelers will leave enriched with a story of optimism to share with others. The most inspiring locations on Earth will be discovered on these tours: exploring Yellowstone’s land of geysers and grizzlies, stepping out onto the Canadian Rockies’ Athabasca Glacier (part of the Columbia Ice-field—the largest inland glacier in North America), taking in Utah’s otherworldly desert vistas, and dipping into Costa Rica’s crystal blue tropical waters. Life is Good has been inspiring people through their graphics for decades and now their tribe will have the opportunity to step out of their everyday lives and into this incredible world of wonder through travel.

From a guiding standpoint, I am most excited to witness the impact these trips will have on people. Through the power of optimism and embracing the good, it will be nearly impossible to go through this adventurous journey unchanged. I am already dreaming of the stories that will be shared amongst everyone around a crackling fire, where we can all unplug and embrace the simple joys of life immersed in nature. And looking forward to the laughs and the memories that will come from such a journey all while acknowledging gratitude for having the opportunity to be enriched through adventure.

dan austin and life is goodTo simplify why we are so excited to partner with an apparel and lifestyle brand is that our company values are the same. We are both in the industry of changing lives. At Austin, we do it by immersing people in awe-inspiring natural environments, through physical challenges that take courage to engage in, and by encouraging openness through exposure to new customs, cultures, food, and activities. Similarly, Life is Good’s super-power is in the unifying message of their brand, spreading the power of optimism. This message resonates with our very foundation in the adventure travel industry. With our powers combined, we can’t wait to see where the journey will take us.

These select tours will launch in 2018, stay tuned for exciting updates on the Life is Good Adventures presented by Austin Adventures. In the meantime, we hope you are enjoying this ride called life, remember to spread the good, and we will see you on the trail soon.

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