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Havasupai Adventure Trips to Remember for a Lifetime
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Havasupai Adventure Trips to Remember for a Lifetime

By: Austin Adventures March 23, 2012

Austin-Lehman Adventures Havasupai

Adventure trips organized by Austin-Lehman Adventures are worth remembering for a lifetime. With over 38 years of experience in traveling and planning customized vacations, our company has made its mark in the minds of our clients and the media when compared to other adventure travel companies. Our goal is to make your wildest expectations come true.

Take, for instance, our week long trip to Havasupai. This natural retreat allows travelers to explore the mesmerizing oasis of cascading waterfalls, serene blue lakes and natural whirlpools. The thrill of trekking begins with a sumptuous breakfast prepared using local herbs and spices before venturing off to Havasupai Falls. In fact, trekking is the only way to reach the base of the falls. Once you finish the arduous and heart pumping trek, you’ll be rewarded with unparalleled views of Havasupai surrounded with greenery all around. The view is breathtaking and awe inspiring as you make your way around a series of waterfalls where the cascading drops land in richly colored waters. Treat yourself for a session of nature’s own spa experience in these mineral rich whirlpools of refreshing leisure.

Your day’s journey to the falls ends with a night at the deluxe base camp under the clear blue sky sleeping to the sound of thundering water. The next day takes you back in time as you tour the Supai village where you can send a post card from one of the most remote villages of native America – all food, water and other supplies are still delivered by packhorse.

Experience all this natural glory by booking your summer trip to Havasupai with Austin Lehman. Learn more by visiting us online or calling our 24 hour support line today (800) 575-1540.

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