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Havasupai Falls Adventure Vacations
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Havasupai Falls Adventure Vacations

By: Austin Adventures March 13, 2012

Austin-Lehman Adventures

To experience the true essence of an adventure vacation package, plan it with Austin-Lehman adventures. With over 38 years of experience in organizing adventure tours whether family vacations, honeymoon trips or may be just a break from work, we offer customized holiday packages for everyone.Imagine sleeping beside the 100 ft. Havasupai Falls in a deluxe camp site where the only way to reach it is through hiking on a rugged trail down the mountain ranges. The roaring sound of water falling in to the lake and the picturesque scenery is quite an inspiration and drives you on your journey to reach the end.

Once the trek is over, relax in the natural whirlpool created by mineral rich water and enjoy nature’s healing spa. Take a tour of the Havasupai village, which is one of the most remote villages of Native America and still uses packhorse to deliver food, mail and other supplies.

The striking blue colour water of the lakes in Havasupai is due to the natural occurrence of calcium carbonate and magnesium in this area. Trek through the canyon and explore red rocks and fossils in the caves. Less than half a mile from Havasupai Falls is Navajo Falls with its spectacular travertine pools and rich fauna. Visit the Mooney and Beaver Falls as well to leisurely swim around in the large pools below the falls mostly unvisited by the tourists.

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