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When the long dark days of winter seem to never end, planning a Grand Canyon vacation can be just the ticket for shaking the wintertime blues. Just a moment standing surrounded by warm breezes over a majestic expanse of thousands of years of rock and sand is so awe inspiring that travelers will quickly forget the snow and ice left behind at home.
Havasupai Falls
For those guided by experienced trekkers, there is a hidden treasure nestled deeply in side canyons just a small hike from the Grand Canyon where family adventure vacations really start. Imagine the cooling spray of waterfalls cascading into travertine pools spring fed with pure water surrounded by lush vegetation. An almost tropical paradise sits right there in the midst of the Grand Canyon where only those with the courage to strike out on foot will ever have the opportunity to see.  The name of place is Havasupai Falls.

Spend time hunting for fossils, exploring a Native American village and relaxing in nature’s own mineral water spa. Austin Lehman adventures to this magical experience begin in Scottsdale, Arizona the end of March and continue throughout the summer. Book your trip today by calling (800) 575-1540 or find out more about the travel itinerary right online.  

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