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Hiking vacations to Havasupai offer ideal conditions for any type of hiker no matter how experienced. Where else in the world can families wind through fern garden paths to reach the hidden pools filled by the cascading Havasupai Falls?

Jumping from the cliffs into the pools below and then swimming and wading in the pristine waters seems almost like a dream, and certainly worth all the effort it takes to hike to the base camp situated against the Grand Canyon walls.

Sleeping under the stars takes on an almost spiritual significance as the peace and quiet envelops travelers in this remote camping location. The canyons and three waterfalls make this place a haven from the world outside and our guests often venture back to experience nature’s quiet rest.

The hike into the village of Supai is one of those trips that can only be experienced firsthand. Known as the most remote village in the United States, the mail is still delivered by packhorse, and 450 Havasupai people still live there. The term “Havasupai” literally means “people of blue green waters,” and understandably so, since the cascading waterfalls sparkle in blues and greens for all to enjoy.

Come with us to experience what few in the world have seen ”“ the natural beauty and wonder of a Grand Canyon vacation. Give us a call or visit us online to find out more about this unforgettable destination.


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