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Havasupai Memories
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Havasupai Memories

Austin-Lehman Havasupai Vacation

If you’ve never experienced the breathtaking beauty of the Havasu Canyon, you need to put this awe-inspiring place on your “to-go” list asap! The colors will astound you: the reds, oranges, and yellows of the surrounding canyon (Havasu is an offshoot of the famous Grand Canyon), the unreal blue-green waters of Havasu Creek, and the popping green of the cottonwoods in the base camp combine to form a spectacular vacation destination for you and your family! I wanted to share a few of my favorite memories of this trip to inspire you to take an adventure vacation with ALA!

One of my favorite memories of my Havasupai Vacation that I took with my mom on a college Spring break was stepping, sliding, and climbing down the travertine cliffs near Mooney Falls using chain railings and stanchions sunk in the jagged rock. Talk about excitement: seeing this 196 foot waterfall from above, midway, and below, all while carefully making our way down steps carved into the rock through caves and around rock faces, is an awesome experience I will never forget!

Another memory I will always remember is when our guide, Stephan swam with me and a few other brave souls behind Havasu Falls. Swimming under that pounding 100 foot waterfall had my adrenaline running on high, but we soon made it under the roaring falls (it doesn’t sound that loud until you’re actually in the falls!) From there, we looked up to find a ladder that climbs to a low lying niche behind the falls. From this niche, we were able to jump through the falls, emerging mid-air for a brief second before disappearing into the deep blue-green waters below. What a rush!

Austin-Lehman Havasupai Vacation

Of course, there are many ways to enjoy this beautiful canyon, and if you’re looking for hiking vacations (with some camping and swimming involved), this is the place for you! I don’t want to give anymore away (I could truly continue to relive the memories) because you need to experience this wonder for yourself. Hope to make more memories soon on a Havasupai Adventure!

See you on the trails!

Kasey Austin

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