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Hike Without the Heat: Havasupai
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Hike Without the Heat: Havasupai

By: Kasey Austin August 7, 2012

If you’re anything like me, you’re getting a little bit tired of the constant heated, dry days of summer and are looking forward to some cooler weather to come. That’s right – autumn is almost here (don’t panic, there’s at least a whole month of summer left!) But now is the perfect time to plan that fall vacation; the kids are back in school, the crowds have dissipated in our natural areas, and the cooler temperatures of September and October are moving in. What better place to plan a vacation than Havasupai, an offshoot of the Grand Canyon!

Havasupai Adventure

Havasupai is the perfect destination for a vacation – after the summer months pass by. The peak months of the sunny season bring with it temperatures reaching 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Once autumn sneaks its way into the canyon, temperatures range from low 70’s to high 80’s throughout September and October. Since your first day in the canyon involves a 10 mile hike to your base camp (there’s also a horseback ride and helicopter option), this dry heat makes for the perfect hike in to your destination, just beyond the magnificent Havasu Falls. Since so many water activities abound on your Havasupai Adventure, it’s still warm enough at this time of year for water crossings, swimming, rope swinging, and waterfall jumping into the blue green waters of Havasu Creek, which maintains a temperature of about 70 degrees year round!

It’s not too late to plan autumn Arizona adventure vacations! Visiting Arizona during the months of September and October is a prime time to explore this region of red rock beauty. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and see Havasupai for yourself!


See you on the trails,


Kasey Austin

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