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Hiking in Banff National Park
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Hiking in Banff National Park

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Today I was dreaming of Canada… Why you ask? Because last summer I was lucky enough to go on one of Austin-Lehman’s hiking vacations in Alberta on their Banff to Jasper trip. It was one of the most amazing trips I’ve ever been on. There are a lot of beautiful landscapes in the world, but for me mountains are where its at. So this trip to the Canadian Rockies was a dream come true for me. Massive peaks composed of sedimentary rock such as limestone and shale create these rocky peaks almost everywhere you look.


I’ve always had a passion for hiking in the mountains, its just something about them that calls to me. But my favorite hike on this trip had to be hiking Sentinel Pass in Banff National Park. The hike starts at Moraine Lake, a beautiful glacially-fed lake with stunning blue colors. From there you head up the trail and into the Valley of the Ten Peaks (photo below), having these huge peaks all lined up alongside you is astonishing. There are also some hanging glaciers that are in view while on the trail. From there you keep going up until you get to Pinnacle Peak and Mount Temple (photos above), there you will find a high notch between the two peaks and a decently steep climb to the summit. But once you get to the summit the views will take your breathe away, soaring jagged peaks and crystal blue lakes as far as the eye can see. That’s it for dreaming today, thanks for letting me share my Banff to Jasper trip and my dreams with you!

Your friendly hiker,


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