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Hiking with Your Best Furry Friend
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Hiking with Your Best Furry Friend

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Hiking with Your Best Furry Friend – August 26th is National Dog Day!

You’ve looked out the window and the weather is just perfect for a nice hike.  You’ve been stressed this week (or year) and this alone time with your thoughts is exactly what you need…but wait!  Don’t forget Fido!  Hiking with your furry buddy is great for both of you!  Not just for the obvious health reasons, but the overlooked emotional ones.  We so often forget to take care of our minds and backpacking or hiking with your dog is a great mental health check-up.  Science shows that an activity together like hiking stimulates both of your brains.  While you get to think and breathe in the open air, the buddy gets to exercise his sight and sniffer.  But more importantly, it creates bonding moments between you and your pooch which always makes us happy.  Yes, they remember those beautiful experiences too.  So, give yourselves both at treat by grabbing your backpack, an extra water bottle and bowl for the good boi (or girl), and hit the outdoors!  Happy tails…I mean trails!
-By Amanda Walsmith

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