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Holland on a Budget
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Holland on a Budget

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I’ll just come out and say, traveling to Europe isn’t cheap. When you factor in airfare, hotels, activities, food, guides and transportation… it adds up to be a lot. That is why we’ve designed a 5 day/4 night Holland bike tour that shows you the highlights of Holland but without the major costs of a luxury adventure vacation. But don’t think just because it isn’t a luxury tour that you aren’t going to get the same Austin-Lehman “WOW” from this trip. This tour includes a local guide, 4 nights accommodation, bikes, transportation, almost all your meals and a visit to the Keunkenhof. When you think of Holland I hope you think of frolicking through the tulips fields, (hopefully it’s not just me) but regardless this tour takes you to all the great spots to see the tulips. The Keukenhof is the worlds largest bulb flower park. They have over 4.5 million tulips in 100 varieties, 7 million flowers bulbs are planted, more than 2,500 trees in 87 varieties and has 15km of footpaths to enjoy the flowers. I was lucky enough to visit the Keukenhof in 2011 and I was in disbelief at the variety of flowers. I put a few photos down below for your viewing pleasure.

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Fear not, we don’t spend all our time frolicking through the tulips on this tour. We also ride the fietspaden (bike paths) to explore the coastal region of the country and even ride through the dunes outside Zandvoort. Not to mention seeing the famous windmills and canals of this gorgeous country.

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I think what makes Holland the perfect place for a European bike tour is how flat it is! You get to see so much more of the country when you don’t have to worry about struggling up steeps hills and also the diversity of the landscape is quite stunning and unexpected. At least I was blown away by Holland!

Till next time, start thinking Holland Budget for 2013!

Your friendly Holland biker,


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