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Home for the Holidays, Family Vacation in 2021
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Home for the Holidays, Family Vacation in 2021


By Amanda Walsmith – 3-minute read

It’s that time of year again!  Stores are already filled with garlands, lights, and pumpkin spice and the eagerness to sit around the table enjoying the company of friends and family is a bit amplified this year.  Regardless of what is going on in the world, there is nothing stronger than family.  While dinner conversation starters are far from lacking in 2020, we are looking forward to talking about anything but.  We want to talk about the future and making memories with those that are most important to us.

Holidays are a great time to talk about travel and your dream vacations and then make them happen.  Few activities can create better family memories than a family vacation and this year has taught us the importance of that.  Once you suggest the idea, you will be surprised about how many of your loved ones enjoy traveling but don’t want to do it alone and perhaps, don’t know where to start in the planning process.

We have you covered!  Take a look at some of our upcoming offerings and suggest a few of your favorites (we won’t tell).  Don’t forget to tell them about the adventurous activities, gorgeous scenery, and of course, the stress-free planning and payment options.  Believe us, you’ll be hailed as the holiday hero when your family starts planning their vacation.  The “goodbyes” won’t be nearly as sad since you’ll all be eager to see each other again in the rainforests of Costa Rica or maybe the mountains of Yellowstone National Park.  Happy planning and Happy Holidays!

Here are just some of our upcoming family-friendly adventure travel trips in 2021:

Wyoming – Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks
(6 days/5 nights)

Filled with all the wonders to keep the little ones and intrigued and all the beauty to keep the adults marveling, this national park packed trip is an Austin Adventure’s favorites for families.  Hiking, biking, whitewater rafting, and kayaking create family memories for a lifetime all through the setting of some of the most beautiful countryside in the world.  This a family vacation for the books.

Alaska – Kenai Fjords & Peninsula
(6 days/5 nights)

The sea otters and whales will greet you when you begin this unforgettable family vacation.  The wildlife of the last frontier is sure to enthrall both the youngest and oldest of your group.  With experiences such as trekking miles wide glaciers and cruising through ice-cold waters on a small cruise ship, the white and blue world of Alaska welcomes all adventurers.

Holland – Amsterdam to Odoorn
(7 days/6 nigths)

Holland is a fairytale land come to life.  Ride a bike through the country enjoying the picturesque landscape.  Windmills fill the horizons as you pedal down cobblestone roads through serene villages that seem almost magical.  Of course, nothing can top the painted fields of red and yellow tulips that will spark everyone’s whimsical imaginations.  This is an enchanted family vacation for all ages.

South Dakota
– Black Hills and Mount Rushmore (6 days/5nights)

The mountains of South Dakota hold some of the most beautiful and exciting adventures.  Lakes are nestled in them waiting for you to take a dip and the rocks create a natural obstacle course to traverse.  The history of the Wild West comes to life as you walk the land that was once home to Wild Bill Hickock and Calamity Jane.  And if the mountains were not already pieces of art, they now hold one of the man-made marvels of the world; Mount Rushmore.  To see a picture is impressive, but to gaze upon it is truly breathtaking.  Adults and children alike will enjoy this action and history packed family vacation.


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