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Host City Spotlight: Trier, Germany
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Host City Spotlight: Trier, Germany

As the Seat of Government for the Western Roman Empire, “holy city”, catholic stronghold, and university town, Trier has played many roles in its long history. Dating back to 5000 BC, this small medieval village is located in the Mosel region of Germany, nestled in between the borders of Germany, France and Liechtenstein. This area has suffered through wars and conquests, triumphed with modernization, survived bombings during its term as a Brown Shirt stronghold during both world wars, and has currently found its place as a central European university city.

This region is stacked to the brim with ruins from the Roman Empire, including cathedrals, roman baths, and the remnants of city walls, all of which are protected by UNESCO. The best place for a new visitor to start is at the Porta Nigra, a gate into the city which dates back to about AD 180, and the Roman occupation of that area. There are also impressive archaeological museums housing the most comprehensive exhibits about civilization, economy, religion, and art from the first 400 years of the Common Era in Germany.

Another point of interest is the Karl Marx House; the house contains a permanent exhibit “Karl Marx (1818-1883), Life – Work – Influence up to the Present”. Here you will learn about the German philosopher/economist/ socialist, and his theories, beliefs, and influences as well as the effects he has had on our current global political/social movements.

For those who don’t have an itch for museums, Trier also boasts a wonderful main marker area, which acts as a gateway to the Cathedral and the Jewish Quarter. This is also a great city to indulge in cycling tours before meeting the group!

With so much history, Trier is the perfect place to explore before one of your German bike tours.

Your friendy travel expert,

Mindy Teini

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