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If You Can Dream it | We Can Build It | Building Custom Vacations
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If You Can Dream it | We Can Build It | Building Custom Vacations


If you love to travel, but hate to plan, then you’re probably familiar with tour companies. But what you’ll typically find is mass-produced itineraries that sometimes miss the sweetest details.

If you’re the kind of traveler who hates to plan, but knows the specifics of your dream vacation experience—activities, attractions, and even shopping and dining destinations—then a manufactured, canned adventure is too generic for your tastes. What you’re looking for is someone who specializes in custom vacations.

Luckily, designing luxury vacations to your liking is what we do. And if you can dream it, we can build it.

Developing The Dream

It usually starts over dinner or a couple of drinks. Someone says, “We should plan a vacation!” and the idea gets rolling—Yellowstone, Alberta, Italy. Guests call us with their initial bare-bones plan for an epic adventure. Our trips span all seven continents, so we’re here to tell you that anything is possible. From those extended multigenerational family vacations to a couple’s retreat to a girl’s-weekend getaway, we’ve got the recipe down for helping shape your next great adventure.

Pro-tip: write it all out, starting with the big six:
  • Who is coming on the trip: One family, a few families, a group of friends, couples only?
  • Where do we want to go: Mountains or sea? Forest or city? Close to home or far away?
  • What kind of activities are we looking for: family fun, shopping, dining, action, relaxation?
  • When do we want to travel: summer, fall, winter, spring?
  • Why is this trip special and what are our priorities?
  • How will we get there? Car (close to home) or plane (faraway places)

If you’ve asked yourself these questions and you’re still having a hard time narrowing down your travel options, consider calling a tour operator to help you pick and choose.

Start Building

Here’s the truth, your dream destination is full of a lifetime of adventure. Anything is possible and it’s going to take serious time and energy to shuffle through the details and narrow it down. But someone has to deal with the nitty-gritty of planning, and the question is: are you really on vacation if you are running the trip like a tour guide?

Someone has to act, no matter how much you hate planning. It just so happens that your headache is our passion. We love filling in all the juicy details and navigating logistics, especially when “okay” isn’t good enough. We love swinging for the bleachers.

Pro-Tip: Budget details:

We get it, thinking about money isn’t fun, especially when we’re talking about dreams. Getting a clear understanding of what you can spend doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to get the vacation of a lifetime. In fact, a budget helps you sort out priorities and lets you define your dream. So, if you want to hit up the Phantom Lodge at the base of the Grand Canyon or go glamping on the Inca Trail, we can find ways to help your dream become a reality, saving in some areas so we can splurge in others!

It’s in the details

We work hard to take care of the things that you might forget, and there’s always something. When exactly is that wow moment when the sunsets over Sentinel Pass? What about visas and vaccinations for the African safari? You might find that having a guide who speaks Italian allows you to thoroughly enjoy your bike ride on those off-the-beaten-path vineyards in Tuscany.

Pro-tip: Be flexible. 

When you think about everything that goes into planning a dream vacation- how long it takes to transfer from Golden to Jasper, the exact time it takes to bike between small villages in Holland, or even the possibility that the hotel you booked will be making renovations during your stay- it takes an open mind to truly enjoy all the comes with group travel.

What’s our secret? We’ve got boots on the ground and connections in every destination. Our guides live, work and play in the area, and they love showing off their back yard. We have behind-the-scenes access, so we know the best trails, hotels, and restaurants because our people eat there after a day of hiking or skiing on their own time.

So snap that picture of Old Faithful or dip your toes in Lake Louise. We’re going to take you behind the scenes for the real experience—the one beyond your camera lens. You focus your camera. We’ll focus the details.

Want more in depth advice? Download your free Custom Vacation Planning Guide here.

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