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A question on everybody’s mind when traveling to Africa is, “is it safe?”. And I could tell you from personal experience that I feel safer in Namibia than I do in a lot of the United States. A recent experience only strengthened my view of the good natured Namibian people. On my recent trip to Namibia I lost my wallet while out in the bush. I thought the wallet was long gone after numerous hotels searched for me and nothing turned up. But upon my return the United States I got an email that my wallet was found and they were determined to get it back to me. At that point the wallet had already changed hands countless times as it was found by a cleaning crew and handed off time and time again to try and find the rightful owner.

I sit here now, wallet in hand. And not a dime of the $200 is missing, nor the small handful of credit and debit cards. I have a hard time believing that such lengths would be gone to people elsewhere in the world. My hat’s off to the people of Namibia and them proving time and time again how good hearted and kind these people are. It’s something you must experience to understand, so head out to Namibia and see for yourself!

Andy Austin

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