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January – A Few Words from the Founder’s Desk

January – A Few Words from the Founder’s Desk


Dan Austin doing yogaThe team asked me to pen my monthly blog post this week and frankly after the holidays and time spent outside of the office, I wasn’t sure where I was going to find the time or the topic.

But then I thought about it for a few minutes and I ultimately decided to just share a bit about what is currently on my mind. Which is:

VACATION! Yes, vacation. Even I get to take the occasional vacation. My next one, an adventure to Ixtapa, Mexico to visit good friends, is not even related to Austin Adventures. So as my wife Carol and I worked through all the details of our trip – where to go, where to stay, what to do, where to eat, etc. – I couldn’t help but think about why someone would use a tour operator like Austin Adventures.

So, why would someone use a tour operator like us?

I can tell you why. It’s because our experts make vacation planning a heck of a lot easier and in using them, you’re insured against making the wrong decisions about five times a day. (And that’s coming from someone that does the planning and development of exciting adventure vacations around the globe for a living!)

As we sort through all the details and items on our vacation “to do list,” I keep looking for that Austin Adventures support many of you have come to expect. For example, I’m wondering “Where is the packing list specifically tailored for this vacation?” How about the detailed itinerary and the list of all the scheduled activities, hotels and restaurants? Turns out that for our vacation, we’re on our own to figure all that out! While we encourage our guests to embrace planning as part of the experience, it can be (and often is) overwhelming – especially if you’re traveling to a new destination.

Planning our upcoming vacation to Mexico has me appreciating the experts on our adventure team more than ever. I know if I want to go anywhere in Europe I can simply call up Ron van Dijk, our Europe Operations Manager, and he will put together a program that is sure to be a hit. In fact, right now he’s fine-tuning our new multisport itineraries and just reading through them makes me want to jump on board.

Or I know if I want to head south to Peru (don’t miss our free Peru webinar that I’m hosting on January 14), I can reach out to Carol or my daughter Kasey and they’ll put together something with their vast knowledge and excellent contacts.

After reading this post, you may be tempted to ask me why I decided to put together a trip to Ixtapa, Mexico on my own. Well, I guess that it’s all part of the adventure, and you’ll have to wait until I return to hear if I still “got it.”

Until next time, safe travels and don’t forget to enjoy the adventure! Wherever and whatever it is.


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