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Journey through Denmark on Bike
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Journey through Denmark on Bike


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European vacations are a perfect way to escape from your routine life. Austin Adventures adventure travels give a wonderful opportunity for the cyclist in you to explore Denmark. Pedal through the serene countryside past medieval churches and historical ruins of Denmark. The land of the Vikings offers a glimpse into the famed warriors’ history and culture as you visit 11000-year-old monuments and admire Danish culture. Once in Denmark, you are not far from the sea and can enjoy local seafood for which Danes are famous. Plan a solo vacation or journey with friends or family as you feel the thrill of active travel.

Apart from the larger cities, pedal through the streets of small towns and villages to feel the true essence of Danish spirit. The culture and general nature of the place makes you feel very comfortable and at home. Visit the city of Copenhagen, and don’t miss the changing of the guards in the courtyard of the royal residence, the Amalienborg Palace, at exactly 12 noon every day. Other than cycling, there are many more experiences waiting for you including hiking, golfing, fishing and swimming. Townies will enjoy beautiful museums, shopping and restaurants. Plan your Danish cycling tours today by visiting our online catalog to learn more about our European adventure travel itineraries.

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