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Just What Are The ‘Dog Days of Summer’?
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Just What Are The ‘Dog Days of Summer’?


Planning for active adventures can help salve your mid-summer doldrums

We are right in the midst of the ‘dog days of summer’. But, if you’re curious like us, you might wonder where that phrase actually came from.

Our team here did a little research and found that the phrase is typically attributed to the long, hot, humid days around mid-August and it originates from the ancient Romans. They called the hottest days of summer “diēs caniculārēs” or “dog days.” These days occur during the period when Sirius, the Dog Star, rises at the same time as the sun, which is generally from about July 3 to August 11. The Romans thought these hot days were marked by lethargy, inactivity, or indolence – like a lazy dog lying about in the sun.

Here in Montana, it also means things are heating up, like a hot dog on a grill, with adventures spanning the globe – even right here at home. Our signature Western National Park trips are rolling along at a record pace. We have more departures (and more happy guests) than ever before.

And we’re ecstatic to be receiving rave reviews from many of these travelers. We really live for a great review from a happy guest. We sort of feed off of them (they really get our tails waggin’) as they infuse us with great new energy to keep us striving to be even better with every new trip.

July also means the 2019 catalog is off to the printer. Before going to print, each and every detail must be worked out and in place, which had us working like a dog and eventually made us dog tired. You can imagine how excited we are to get that onto the press.

  • In addition to our tried and true adventures from Alaska to Africa, we added or enhanced a dozen or so adventures around the globe. We’re re-emphasizing hiking for those that want to see the world by foot.
  • You will also see an expanded array of small adventure cruises, as we try to keep up with the demand for this exciting niche of seaborne adventure travel.
  • And we’re absolutely pumped to roll out our newest product line, The Austin Collection. This line-up of all-inclusive, 5-star adventure lodges hand-picked by Austin Adventures founder Dan Austin (our Top Dog) and his wife Carol is sure to be a big hit.

Whether new trips, enhancements to existing ones or new product offerings, we are honestly just reacting to requests and insights from our loyal travelers. We’re not some big, corporate company and our small ‘pack’ loves to hear honest feedback and input from our guests and friends. You are absolutely the primary driver for our inspiration and we value your input. Do keep it coming because your feedback is key to our continued success!

So, stay tuned, you lucky dog, continue to enjoy these ‘dog days’ of summer, and remember that we are here for you! Whether reaching out after your last adventure, looking for something last-minute now, or getting a jump on next year’s plans, we are a simple call or email away.

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