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Le Cyclisme en France
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Le Cyclisme en France

Loire Valley, France


France is such a diverse country from the chic metropolitan city of Paris to the windswept dunes of the Normandy beaches to the lavender fields of Provence to the wineries of Burgundy to the picturesque castles of the Loire Valley. France truly has something to offer everyone and it is the perfect country for your European cycling tours. There is no better way to experience all that this beautiful country has to offer than on the two wheels of a bicycle. Not only do you feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face but you can truly take in all the sights and smells on a whole different level.

History Rich Brittany/Normandy

Not only are the Brittany and Normandy regions of France phenomenally beautiful but they offer adventurers a bit of a history lesson. This area is rich in history dating back to the Roman Empire and also played an important role in World War II. There will be plenty of time to visit the museums, beaches, battlefields and cemeteries. Rolling through the historic villages you will be amazed by the half-timbered buildings that have endured the test of time. Stop along the way and enjoy a savory crepe and a locally distilled cider! There is no better way to journey to the majestic abbey of Mont St Michel than by bicycle. You will see it far off in the distance and arrive to marvel at its splendor. A cycling vacation in the Brittany/Normandy region will leave you craving your next trip to France.


Luscious Provence

Famous for its fragrant lavender fields, jagged Mediterranean coast, charming villages and superb cuisine, Provence is everything you are dreaming of in a French vacation. There is endless exploring to do in this region. It has an incredibly rich history dating back to the Stone Age when some of the earliest people to inhabit Europe chose Provence. How can you blame them? The Mediterranean coastline is exquisite, beautiful mountains tower in the distance, several rivers meander the countryside and this region has a temperate climate with warm summers and mild winters. Famous for delicious cuisine, Provence has a flavor distinctly different from some of the other regions in France. Expect to dine on some incredible seafood, crusty breads with fresh olive tapenade and array of fresh fruits. Relaxation and enjoying life is hallmark of Provence, so make sure you indulge. Spend some time people watching at an outdoor cafe in before taking a laidback stroll through the amazing markets of St Remy. You will settle right into this leisurely lifestyle and feel relaxed and rejuvenated in no time!


Delectable Burgundy


The Enchanted Loire Valley

Spend just a few days cycling through the gorgeous Loire Valley and you will feel enlightened. This region is famous for its extravagant chateaus and castles, gorgeous gardens and noble history. Many of the impressive castles in the Loire Valley were once residences of the French Royalty. They were built in this beautiful river valley because of the close proximity to Paris, the pleasant climate, beautiful landscape and amazing growing season. This region of the country is often called the Garden of France. Not only will you find plenty of vineyards but you will also cycle past beautiful fruit orchards, fields of artichokes, asparagus, and sunflowers. Spend a few days pedaling through the charming villages, touring the picture-perfect chateaus, sampling a few flakey pastries along the way and you will see why this region has been a haven for French royalty, poets, artists and travelers throughout history.


With its impressive charm, food and wine, and indulgent culture, France will entice you time and time again. It is the perfect place for your European cycling tours.

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