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Life in Namibia
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Life in Namibia



Set out this morning deeper into the bush. Elephants, Giraffe are becoming common place. Today we are focused more on learning about the conservancies, its product and people. We visit a camp owned by locals (wait until you see the pictures) and continue west. In a lot of ways this area looks a lot like the American Southwest, except bigger (and with a few elephants) arid, plateaus, valleys and springs. You can drive the dirt trails from dawn to dusk without seeing another vehicle or any sign of civilization.

This afternoon, we loaded up on rice and sugar and drove a dozen rough KM to a traditional Himba village along a spring in a little slice of paradise. We were greeted warmly (note to self when shaking hands with Himba women, be prepared to get the red okra die on everything). Kids of course are the same around the world; take pictures, share pictures, laugh, and repeat.

After learning a bit from our guide and translator, we were entertained with impromptu dance and song. Yes I even managed to dance with the Himb a ladies (I think I may now have a 2nd wife).

We said our goodbyes to the Himba’s and headed further into the bush. Tonight, camping African style high on a hill overlooking a beautiful spring valley. Dinner is served with white linen settings, an amazing chef and more new friends.

Life in Africa is a strange and wide sweep of diversity. In a village of sod huts one minute, then a cold beverage served up on a silver platter as the sun sets shortly down the road.

Camp was set up on the site of a future conservancy JV Lodge. The owner and builder were our hosts for dinner. Lamb over a fire for hours, makes for a great dining experience. Leaders from the local Conservancy joined us well into the night.

I have mentioned how much I love Namibia?? I am already planning my next trip and I am excited to learn how to get more involved with the conservancies.


Dan Austin


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