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Life is Good, so Travel.

Life is Good, so Travel.


Why Life is Good Adventures are needed now more than ever

Ready for the understatement of the year? We are all inundated with negativity. We are bombarded with news of devastating world events, natural disasters, a fragile economy, and political division from our TV screens and tablets. Even in our very own pockets, we carry a device that can simultaneously connect and disconnect us — with not only our loved ones but our innate desire to believe that Life is Good.

Hold onto that last line with me. We want to see the good around us and in our own lives. Seeing the good is hardwired into humanity; it’s in our DNA; it’s just been buried over the years, and the onslaught is getting more intense.

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults each year, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. More than 25% of children ages 13-18 suffer from anxiety. Countless studies attribute this increase in anxiety to our digital connectivity: the 24/7 News Cycle and the barrage of emails and social media notifications lead to information overload, constant comparison, unrealistic expectations, and burnout.

When we’re in that deep, when our own hands hold a significant source of our stress, we could all benefit from admitting we need a lifeline. We need a structure to help us not only escape the negativity but to find and implement the tools that will help us move through life clothed in our natural desire to hold onto the good and make the world a better place.

Life is Good Adventures can be that lifeline.

Although these trips are a recent partnership between adventure travel company Austin Adventures and positive lifestyle brand Life is Good, the match in our ethos has existed for decades. The time is right, now more than ever, for Life is Good Adventures. The time is right for families, couples, and individuals to unplug, connect, and develop their own practice of optimism in some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

Why now, you ask. Because the Life is Good Superpowers are the perfect antidote to the inundation of negativity we all face and long to overcome. Each of these superpowers can root a person more deeply in optimism, and optimism is the root and the end goal of every Life is Good Adventure.

Optimism enables us to explore the world with open arms

Optimism is not just a philosophical viewpoint. Optimism is not irrational cheerfulness, and it’s not blind positivity. By acknowledging obstacles and opportunities, but focusing on the opportunities, optimism enables us to explore the world with open arms and an eye toward solutions, progress, and growth. It also makes life a hell of a lot more fun…

Openness equips us to greet the new, the strange, and the unfamiliar

We live in a culture of cynicism, strong public opinion, and closed viewpoints. Now more than ever we need to be open to new experiences and to each other, willing to learn what we can, open our mind, and grow as human beings. Active travel is the perfect vehicle for learning openness.

Courage is our inner resolve to try new things

You’ll never know what you can do until you try. Now more than ever we need courage to face the negatives in life and courage to be a force for positive change. As you hike, bike, and paddle on a Life is Good Adventure, you will foster courage that will help you throughout your life.

Simplicity embodies less is more

Inundated is the opposite of simplicity. Now more than ever, we don’t need more. We need less in our daily schedule, less in our digital communications, less in our to-do list, and less in our list of reasons we’re stressed out. Life is Good Adventures offer a less is more approach to vacation: do what you love, love what you do. Enjoy the simple pleasures of fun, natural beauty, and good conversation over good food. Learn how to make yourself less busy, how to evaluate what you need to do to simplify, and how to create space in your life for your passions, your family, and your friends.

Humor is good medicine

Studies show that laughter changes our body chemistry, reducing stress and anxiety, boosting energy, improving heart health, strengthening our immune system, helping us sleep better, and boosting our mood. On a Life is Good Adventure, you can let humor be your guide (although our guides really are great guides). Now more than ever, we need to laugh — a lot, as much as possible, every day.

Gratitude is always the right choice

Now more than ever we need a mental shift to focus on what we are grateful for, on what we GET to do rather than what we HAVE to do. Every evening on a Life is Good Adventure, you will have what may become the best meetings you’ve ever attended: times to actively learn how to replace the words “have to” with “get to.” This practice of gratefulness will change your life.

Fun is not dessert

In their book, “Life is Good,” founders Bert and John Jacobs remind us fun is not a dessert saved for special occasions; it should be a healthy part of the main course. Now more than ever, we need fun. Luckily, Life is Good Adventures are founded on fun. They are the perfect opportunity to let loose, find your inner explorer, and open your heart and soul to new experiences in new places in the most fun ways possible.

Compassion puts good in and gets good out

Humans are hard-wired to deeply feel the pain of other humans. But, we get overwhelmed when we see so much suffering so pervasively throughout our days. Now more than ever, we need to focus on showing compassion on those whom we can show compassion. This may be our friends, family, and co-workers. And it can also be our neighbors, strangers in our community, and the broader world through causes and organizations that align with our values. When you take a Life is Good Adventure, Austin Adventures donates $100 per traveler to the Life is Good Kids Foundation which works to spread the power of optimism to more than 1 million kids around the world who really need it.

Creativity dares to be curious

Now more than ever, we need to get out of our ruts. We need adventure, and we need the childlike ability to explore and share new ideas without fear and self-editing. Life is Good Adventures foster exploration and adventure; they take you out of your everyday ruts and help you feel the joy of curiosity and creativity again.

Authenticity is getting lost in the moment and being fully YOU

Now more than ever we need to be the person our dog thinks we are. Yes, you heard that right. Dogs are comfortable in their own fur, never judgmental, loving without condition, and open to the joy of the moment. And they see us that way, too. Let’s shed the pretense and the carefully curated image we portray on social media and be willing to get lost in the moment and be fully…us. We see this amazing transformation happen all the time on our trips, and a Life is Good Adventure will be no different.

Love is an action

We are inundated with bad news and inundated with hate doing all kinds of things that make our heart ache. But love is an action, too. It gives, and serves, and appreciates. It realizes we have one life to live and compels us to live it well. Now more than ever we need to spread love through our words, our actions, and our optimism. Going on a Life is Good Adventure with the people you love will give you a good foundation for living love as a verb.

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