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Life in the Namibian Desert
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Life in the Namibian Desert

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Headed back into the dunes, this time looking for “little” critters in
Dorob NP. Namibia’s newest National Park, founded 2010.

Our guide Chris is an expert on the reptiles and insects of the region. Chris is blessed with infectious energy, passion and in depth knowledge of the area and its inhabitants.

This part of Namibia saw 3mm of rain last year. A little less then normal, but plenty to “feed” the life on the desert.

We spent hours trekking and trying to keep up as Chris spotted tell tail signs that produced amazing encounters with the “locals”

Chameleon, gecko, perenguays adder (sidewinder), shovel snouted lizard, fitzemans burrowing skink and that’s just a few. Frankly on our own we would have easily missed all. Further validating why a local guide is key. Chris and his company Living Desert Adventures is a must do (again).

We wrapped up with a little 4×4 wrangling across the dunes, bringing out the adrenaline junkie in all of us.

Time to head back east, this time overland back to Windhoek (350 km) and meeting up with our group of adventurers to head next North to Damaraland.

But first an overnight in Windhoek and a bit of exploring Namibia’s Capital (about 280,000 residents).


Dan Austin


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