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Magic of the Mosel
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Magic of the Mosel

Do you ever have one of those days when you look out the window, taking a break from your computer, only to let your mind wander off to some faraway place? Well, that just happened to me (shh, don’t tell the boss!), and I traveled back to the Mosel River Valley of Germany, one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet!

The main memory that floated into my mind when drifting back to my Mosel Valley trip were the long stretches of flat bike paths connecting quaint German towns interspersed along the calmly flowing Mosel River. (Did I mention that the wind was at my back the whole way too?!) I picture myself lazily pedaling along miles of paths amongst endless, terraced grape vine plots, stopping in each town along the way to snack on Pommes Frites (French fries) with mayo (a very popular appetizer in Germany) and taking a few photographs of the locals and unique architecture.

germany   bike backs

But oh, there is so much more for the biker buff out there, who wants just a little more than the flat valley floor. Remember when I mentioned “terraced” hills? Your guides provide you with any number of extensions each day that include heart-pumping hill action, breathtaking vistas extending as far as the eye can see, and winding down hills taking you back to the main Mosel River paths. If you want variety in the slope of your bike path, Germany is the ultimate European Vacation!

germany   downhill bike

To sum it all up, Germany to me is the absolute perfect biking destination for not only adults but families too! There is complete variety in the grade of the bike paths and road extensions so you can choose the difficulty of your vacation. Germany bike tours are an Austin-Lehman specialty and when you take me up on my suggestion of cycling around this beautiful European country, don’t forget to take in the beauty of the river valley, sip the variety of German wines, and eat a few Pommes Frites for me!

See you on your next adventure!


Kasey Austin

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