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6138517366 093c104104 - The Magical Harvest Season in Napa

There is no bad time of year to be in California’s wine country, but perhaps the best time of year to plan your visit to this bountiful region is for the harvest. The harvest in the Napa Valley begins as early as August and can continue through early November, but the prime time is October.

The harvest is truly a magical time to be in wine country. There is a special energy in the air that creates a bit more hustle, puts a spring in everyone’s step while the smell of fresh wine lingers in the air. It is the first taste of the season’s grapes, it is the hope that this year, just might, produce the most perfect bottle of wine and it is the culmination of an entire season of hard work. It truly is a time for celebration! It is the perfect time to really immerse yourself in the wine-making process. During the harvest bushels of grapes are handpicked, sorted and then head off to be pressed before starting the fermenting process. From grape to glass the process is really fascinating!

With the days a bit shorter and the evenings a little cooler October is the perfect time for adventure vacation packages or cycling tours in the Napa Valley. There is something for everyone in California’s wine country; whether you are a foodie, a wine connoisseur, a cycling enthusiast or you are just in need of some rest and relaxation this is the perfect vacation spot!


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