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Most Frequently Asked Questions about Multi-Generational Travel
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Most Frequently Asked Questions about Multi-Generational Travel


Multi-generational Travel is picking up speed and popularity, fast becoming one of the hottest growing trends in travel these days.

But what is Multi-Generational Travel?

In a nutshell, Multi-Generational Travel simply means that at least three generations of the same family take a trip together – families with a wide age difference. 


Multi-generational family travel can serve as a special way to travel and bod through shared experiences while catering to the demands of appealing to a wide age-range.

As a tour operator specializing in multi-generational travel, we’ve gotten all sorts of questions when it comes to this planning this kind of trip. Are you planning – or considering – a Multi-generational vacation in 2018?

We’ve got you covered!

Here are the questions we get most often about this type of travel, and what we tell our guests. (And if you don’t see the question listed here, feel free to contact us with any questions you have! We’d be happy to help, and point you in the right (best?) direction!

Because of the increasing demand for flexible and variable vacations, filled with varied activities that will appeal to a wide age range, tour operators and travel experts have stepped up to the plate to design adventure vacations for specifically for multi-generational travelers.

Fun family vacations for Multi-generational travel now abound. Here are just a few trip ideas designed to be fun for the whole family. The benefit of going on a family vacation specifically labeled under Multi-generational travel is that these trips have been planned specifically for the whole family in mind. It takes the guesswork out and you can rest assured everyone will feel taken care of!

multigenWhere to go?

Classic multi-generational vacations to Natural Parks have been very popular multi-generation vacation hotspots. In addition to national parks, both Costa Rica and Western Europe are at the top of the list “out of the States.”

At times it may make more sense to plan a custom or exclusive multi-generational vacation, that is, a predetermined trip and itinerary booked entirely for one family. At Austin Adventures we offer that service, as do numerous other tour operators, and travel agents.


Best Multigenerational Travel Activities?

Over and over we’ve seen families opting for multi-generational vacations that are much more active than the average vacation. Why? Often it’s because they want to experience a destination together, as a bonding memory to cherish in the years to come. Of course, the types of activities can vary as much as travelers do. The sky’s the limit! Which brings us to the inevitable to the next question…


How do I Plan this Vacation for Everyone?

Ensuring that an active vacation is enjoyable and interesting for everyone can take time to plan. But to help this process along so you don’t feel alone or overwhelmed, we recommend a few things. First, start the planning early – and include your travel companions in the planning! What does each person want to do most? Making the actual planning of the trip participatory – and the beginning of the adventure helps in the long run! Does any activity overlap? Can activities be combined? Giving yourself enough time to plan helps ensure everyone’s happy in the long run.  This is a great way to get everyone feeling included and considered and can positively impact everyone’s experience on a multi-generational vacation!



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