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My Favorite Adventure…

My Favorite Adventure…

I get asked all the time, almost daily actually “Where is your favorite adventure?” My answer is quite often “canned” – “Why, the last place I visited” or, maybe, “the next place I go.” We all know that these answers serve little purpose. Folks ask me for advice because, let’s face it, I’m blessed to have seen a big chunk of the world (actually in reality just the tip of the iceberg, but I keep working at it.) As I get older, I reflect back on my travels and adventures and really try to think of what or where was my favorite adventure? That answer recently came to me, and everything just seems to make more sense now. It was just a few weeks ago, Kasey (my lovely daughter) and I were zip lining across the tree tops in the shadow of Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica. We were laughing like kids again. Actually, she was laughing at me, but the fact is we were indeed laughing. Next it was off to the beaches of Manual Antonio for a break and a few hours of surf lessons (come to think of it, this is really when the laughing hit an all-time high.) It was on this recent adventure to across Costa Rica that I came to realize it isn’t so much where I travel, but with whom I travel.


I am convinced the best part of travel is the memories we create, and the best part about these memories is who we create them with. There is nothing better than to share my passion for travel with someone who I not only love, but whose company I enjoy. Personally, for me, it gets even better. I am fortunate enough to work in the adventure travel business. Better yet, I am blessed to work in this great (a bit crazy at times) industry with my wife and children. In the last 12 months I have had the chance to travel across Europe with my wife Carol (talk about memories, who could forget the rug salesmen in Morocco, I know I would like to,) spend 3 weeks on safari in Namibia with my son Andy (making too many new friends to count,) and most recently, as I mentioned, exploring Costa Rica with Kasey my daughter.


So in this case, where is my favorite adventure? Easy, Costa Rica! Pura Vida (Plenty of Life) as the Costa Ricans say. It is no doubt a beautiful country, with the friendliest and warmest “locals” you can imagine. The adventures are endless, whether it’s rafting the Pacuare River, kayaking the canals in Tortuguero National Park or just relaxing on the beaches of Manual Antonio, Costa Rica has it all and welcomes travelers like no other country on the planet. The only question that remains is simple… who are you bringing with you??

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