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My First Adventure Vacation, Vamos a Ecuador!
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My First Adventure Vacation, Vamos a Ecuador!

I have been slowly preparing for my dream adventure to The Galapagos Islands along with a bonus land tour in Ecuador for a couple of months. My personal schedule has been very full which probably means that I need this outing far more than I realize. In addition to my full-time job for a cluster of radio stations, I volunteer several days a week at a wilderness park taking care of the newly planted trees replacing those burned in a recent forest fire. I am also treasurer of the local Sierra Club group and have been assisting with the club’s annual financial audit along with handling funds for several international outings.
I have never been one who wanted to take a “vacation” and do little or nothing but “relax.” I would never be found spending a day at the beach merely baking in the sun or spending hours reclining on a lounge chair with a drink with an umbrella close at hand. When I go on a trip I normally spend a lot of time planning everything out in detail, including reservations for lodging and meals, studying maps and trying to nail down activities to fill each day. But it can be very difficult to plan all the details with an extremely busy schedule. So when my son invited me on a fully guided adventure vacation with Austin-Lehman, where everything was taken care of it couldn’t have been better timing!
Now I realize how important Adventure Travel can be to me. It is truly the best of both scenarios. I will get to be busy on my vacation doing the things I love to do, but will not have to personally handle all the details of the trip. It will be wonderful to relax my own way and leave all the logistics to the professional Adventure Travel staff.
by Jeremy Burnham


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