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Myanmar: 10 Simple Things to Know Before You Go

Myanmar: 10 Simple Things to Know Before You Go


Myanmar: 10 Simple Things to Know Before You Go

Myanmar thing to know

So many questions, so little time, says your inquiring mind about Myanmar, the “new” name for Burma since 1989. If the call to lift the veil of one of Southeast Asia’s most peculiar, thought-provoking countries is pulling at your heart, then consider these 10 straightforward, uncomplicated points as you start planning your next trip-of-a-lifetime.

1. Big, but not too big: As Southeast Asia’s largest mainland country, Myanmar is still smaller than Texas. But, bordered by Thailand, Laos, China, India and Bangladesh, we think you’ll find Myanmar’s culture slightly more diverse than that of Texas.

2. Easy conversions: Only three countries in the world have not adopted the metric system. Myanmar and the United States are two of these. Rest easy knowing that you won’t be bothered to convert miles to kilometers – one less thing to think about so you can focus instead on Myanmar’s fascinating history!

3. Built to last: Myanmar presents you with the unique opportunity to experience its classic assortment of historical sites and monuments, from colonial architecture in Yangon to the jungle-laden ruins of Indein.

4. Fresh and timeless: It takes a special place to balance these two descriptors in perfect harmony, and Myanmar does this beautifully. Despite centuries of upheaval, Myanmar’s culture remains warm, welcoming, and excited to share their trove of treasures and the stories behind these fabled scenes.

5. Temples galore: Built in the 12th and 13th centuries, Myanmar’s well-intact collection of temples will spark instant wonder in the most curious of traveler’s. The best part? There’s no end to the way you can experience these sacred structures, so spend all day exploring Shwedagon Pagoda or simply gaze upon the simplicity of Sulamani in Bagan.

6. Artisanal delights: Myanmar’s array of workshops ceases to amaze. You’re invited to learn the secrets of plum purifying, wooden slipper making, cooking oil producing, bamboo hut construction, and so much more as you journey with your camera or simply take notes to practice when you get home. Good luck!

7. Refreshing waterways: Cruise the Ayeyarwaddy River to understand the ways of life along its fertile banks. Appreciate your grocery store at home after witnessing the challenges of living in a stilt village on Inle Lake where locals nurture floating tomato gardens and partake in leg rowing… you’ll see.

8. Natural wonders: From water buffalos wallowing in muddy pastures to elephants traipsing through lush rainforests, Myanmar is alive with flora and fauna large and small. You won’t be disappointed by any time spent outside in Myanmar, which is sure to inspire and revive from sunup to sundown.

9. Keep moving: Bike through charming villages, buzzing markets, and lively neighborhoods. Trek through jungle-laden pagoda forests. Take canoes, horse carts, four-wheel-drive vehicles, and hot air balloons to gain different, varied perspectives of Myanmar everyday life.

Myanmar temple and local

10. Slow down: A sunrise over Bagan in a hot air balloon sipping chilled champagne. A sunset from an ancient pagoda savoring a gin and tonic. High teas and scintillating conversation. Spas, swimming pools, teakwood furniture, and silk sheets woven through each adventurous day.

All of these uncomplicated pleasures invite you to spend moments soaking in the romance and magic of Myanmar, a way more down-to-earth country than you ever imagined.

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