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New Guide “Cowboy Corey”
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New Guide “Cowboy Corey”

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Howdy folks,
You can call me “Cowboy Corey,” or to be proper, “Mr. Mountain Man Meyer.” My birth name is only spoken by my mother for it doesn’t have the same adventurous spirit as a title with some twang. I am one of Austin-Lehman’s newest guides, a company for which I am excited to be a part of for the upcoming adventures and lasting friendships. I will be guiding the Yellowstone Family Adventure Vacations and our South Dakota Family Adventure.
To be perfectly honest I am no cowboy; never have I ridden a thoroughbred at full gallop into the setting sun as a cloud of dust rises in my wake. I once aspired to be a walking legend of the West, to have my skin baked by the hard sun until I was a real rawhide with hands of leather. Visions of gun slinging outlaws, train stopping renegades, and rough riding ruffians sounded like fun to me, but I just don’t have the true grit personality to pull off the lifestyle. In fact, if I were plopped down at a poker table with Wild Bill Hickok, Jessie James, or Calamity Jane in Deadwood I don’t think I could last a minute under their piercing eyes and would find myself scurrying for the door. Like the cowboys, I enjoy riding into uncharted territories; the wind in my face defines freedom. I just ride upon a different breed of horse, preferring a steed of steel, and have mounted my trusted Cannondale in many breathtaking locations.
I don’t believe I deserve the title “Mountain Man Meyer” either. I have lived for multiple months in the wilds of Montana with only a wall tent for shelter. Like the legendary Jeremiah Johnson, I have harvested big game animals in the Rocky Mountains, but the truth is I can’t sustain a haggard life like that of the legendary John Colter or Jim Bridger. After a few days of roughing it, I find myself dreaming of steamy hot showers, chocolate, and fluffy pillows. If I am not a cowboy or a mountain man.. Who am I you ask? Simply put, I am a man of adventure, one who is as excited as you are for the upcoming adventure season. I am anxiously waiting to share my knowledge of the West and to create a lasting memory of adventure with everyone. Let’s make the next trip one to remember!
See you on the trail,
Corey Meyer

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