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Nicaragua Adventure Travel – Cerro Negro to San Juan
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Nicaragua Adventure Travel – Cerro Negro to San Juan


Looking for the adventure of a lifetime? Thrills, adventure, thick rich jungles, and the most spectacular views you could ever imagine. Nicaragua is one of the newest and incredibly exciting tours Austin Adventures will be offering in 2013. With too many activities to count in this culturally rich country, Austin has narrowed down the hot spots to visit including the ancient city of Granada, the Capital Managua, tourist dream location in Leon, and countless volcanoes, and even a beach town visit at San Juan Del Sur. Nicaragua is sure to become the next “hot” travel destination on the radar and Austin Adventures is working to bring it to you first! Plan your exotic and adventurous tropical dream vacation for the upcoming year with Austin Adventures.

The tour starts in the Capital of Nicaragua in the exciting and bustling city of Granada. Granada is the second most populous city in Central America coming in only second to Guatemala City. Offering a rich culture and history from its early discovery and trade economy, to the devastating rise and falls of political powers, to recovery and perseverance of disastrous earthquakes in 1931 and 1972. With an abundance of fascinating stories and the ability to overcome adversities, Nicaragua offers tons of cultural history and amazing tales of determination. The city of Leon does not fall short of interesting accounts, ancient ruins of early Spanish colonial cities, or beautiful architecture. Leon offers an abundance of natural beauty to be explored including eight volcanoes, plus the famous Cerro Negro.



Part of your Nicaragua Adventure with Austin Adventures is a visit to Cerro Negro. This young volcano offers spectacular views as well as an interesting black sand slope, perfect for “snowboarding” or “surfing” down the mountain. This volcano was born in 1850, faming it as the youngest and most active volcano in Nicaragua, having last erupting in 1999. The tough but feasible climb to the top of the 500-meter peak is worth the effort. Suitable for all ages you start the climb and slowly wrap your way around the volcano. The climb only takes about an hour and due to the light breeze, the heat is completely bearable. The smoking craters and delicate smell of sulfur help remind you of the character that this bubbling beast has to offer. The amazing 360-degree views, a glimpse into the smoking crater, and the amazing sledding decent down the face are definitely worth the effort! Whether you choose to play it safe and “run” down the face, opt for a sled ride at max speeds or are looking for the adventure and challenge of surfing the sheer face of the volcano, all descents are full of thrills and very photo worthy.

You will also get a chance to see the hundreds of beautiful islets that were created by the Mombacho Volcano. Kayak through the warm and refreshing waters to see the local houses and beautiful terrain that the islets offer. Experience the exquisite views of the volcano as you paddle through the lush forest terrain. Don’t get too comfortable atop the water because all too soon you will again be exploring by foot, and climbing the famous Mombacho Volcano. Take your adventure to a new limit as you are harnessed and strapped in for a zip-line canopy tour through the Mombacho Nature Reserve with beautiful views and high-speed adventure.

Balance out your adventure thrills with a bit of rest and relaxation upon the white sand beaches of San Juan Del Sur. Your two-night stay at Morgan’s Rock Hacienda and Ecolodge will immerse you in the tropical rainforests upon the shores of the Pacific Ocean. The plush and stunning accommodations offer a luxurious balance of natural beauty, authentic cultural design, and delicious and local fares. The beachfront views of your bungalow will remind you just how to relax during your Nicaragua Adventure. Famous town for the consistent surf and laid back attitude, you will love the lifestyle on the beach in Nicaragua. Check out tour dates today with Austin Adventures to start planning your adventure of a lifetime to the beautiful country of Nicaragua!



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