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November Country of the Month: Ecuador

November Country of the Month: Ecuador


Ecuador Flag

If someone told you there was a country in South America whose official currency was the U.S. dollar, would you believe them? It’s true. And since Ecuador is our November 2014 Country of the Month, we can help you save more than $100 on your next trip to the world famous Galapagos Islands!

Some people call this distinctive archipelago the country’s crown jewel, and after years of experiencing the islands for ourselves, we find it hard to disagree. While the islands are more than 500 miles from the mainland of Ecuador, they’re so phenomenal that it’s safe to say that they’re the highlight of, and reason for, many Ecuadorian vacations. With that in mind, we’re proud to offer our guests two different fun and memorable ways to explore this unique part of Ecuador.

Galapagos Seal


Our boat-based packages are popular with travelers who prefer smaller groups and are interested in visiting as many of the volcanic islands as possible. (But for 2015, we added a new luxury cruise on a 48-passenger ship to our roster, so larger groups are definitely not out of the question!) Our land-based packages are popular with travelers who are looking to experience more of the local culture. You can find out more about both packages by calling our adventure travel consultants at 1-800-575-1540 or watching our recent webinar, Getting to Know the Galapagos: Land vs. Sea, hosted by Dan Austin and Galapagos Island experts, Jasci Carvalho and Doris Welsh.

So how can you save more than $100? Easy! Book your Austin Adventures Galapagos vacation by December 5, 2014, and Austin Adventures will cover the cost of your Galapagos National Park entrance fee ($100) and transit control card ($10). You’ll also receive a free gift that will come in handy for your life-changing trip! And which trip will that be? See our Galapagos trips below, and don’t forget, we also arrange for custom tours.


Galapagos Tortuga

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