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Finding Your Path | Why Hiking is So Good
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Finding Your Path | Why Hiking is So Good


From stepping into moss blanketed forests to traversing through untamed wilderness…

something about hiking transports us to a faraway place. It’s the crunch of the earth below boots, the whistling of birds overhead, the echoes of remote ecosystems. It’s traveling paths centuries in the making, yet as unique as our own DNA.

Seeing the world by trail is the best way to travel.

But why is hiking so good?

Because the Hike is Your Own 

Make your memories last as long as your snapshots. Find yourself up close to the natural beauty of the world while weaving through snowcapped mountains and turquoise lakes. Take in everything and savor the moment. Because, here’s the thing, the best part of a hiking adventure is traveling at your own pace. You’ll break free of route tourism and beyond the steel and fiberglass blandness of tour buses. Take in the crisp mountain air or weave through the raw, majestic vegetation and turquoise lakes of British Columbia. No matter where you are hiking is all about time. Your time. Stop when the mood strikes, because seeing the world by trail is for more than trills. It’s about this moment. The details missed by others. Spontaneity. Traveling by foot turns any trip into an immersive adventure.

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Because Hiking is Magic Backed by Science  

We’ve been hiking for over 30 years, and we’ve learned a little about walking adventures. It’s more than just a vacation. Hiking is an experience. Studies have shown that hiking and connecting with nature decreases blood pressure, enhances the immune system, assists with weight loss, and restores attention. It’s better than a quick fix. Imagine strolling through Provence, France—the exotic fragrance the rolling lavender hills fills your nose and enchanting scenery at your feet. You’ve found a magical world.  Our adventures deliver more than a they typical whirl-wind vacation. Hiking is all about balance—a complete mind, body, and spiritual transformation.

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Because Hiking helps You Find Your Path and Connect with the World

Austin Adventures’ new hiking adventures have allowed us to find our way back to our roots. With our first trip over 30 years ago, our Montana-based company has paved our path in our own backyard: Yellowstone National Park. As off-the-beaten-path travelers, we sought more than a vacation—we wanted an experience and meaningful connections. On the trail, we’ve found fellow storytellers and adventures throughout the years, and hiking in Yellowstone continues to be one of our favorite trips. There’s nothing like trekking through unpopulated backcountry trails, geyser basin boardwalks, and lakeside lookouts. In a world away from tablets and ear buds, possibilities open. Adventure is our path and we want to help you find yours.


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