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People to People quote:

By: Austin Adventures February 25, 2012

Some of the lasting impressions left after taking Austin-Lehman Adventure’s Real Cuba tour have to be the smiling faces, proud voices and warm reception of the Cuban people we met along the way. Geared more as an authentic cultural exchange tour than a touristy vacation escape (i.e no beach time), Austin-Lehman succeeded in arranging both planned and spontaneous interaction with a wealth of Cuban people; men and women, students and professionals, musicians and artists, cabbies (and their classic cars) to the new breed of entrepreneurs operating in-home restaurants and businesses.

From them I learned about modern Cuba, the challenges, the slow changes in personal freedoms, the tobacco industry, the health care industry, the universities and growing tourism industry. We even were invited into the home of a Havana family where we dined on roast pig, listened to a local band and exchanged stories.

Dave Wiggins
ALA Tour – The Real Cuba 2/11-19, 2012

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