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Photography: People of Namibia
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Photography: People of Namibia

When someone mentions Africa often the first thing brought to mind is the vast amount of wildlife. And don’t get me wrong, the wildlife is incredible. But it’s often the people that leave the greatest impression after returning to Africa. The people of Namibia are the friendliest I’ve met in all of my travels, always with a smile and wave to complete strangers. They always welcome travelers with open arms (and usually a cold beverage). On my recent journey I met people that have changed the way I look at life and I will never forget them. The constant success stories of how tourism has positively benefitted the people really opened my eyes to the impact tourism has on the local villages.

This post is the first in a short series highlighting my favorite pictures from my recent trip to Namibia. This particular one is devoted to the smiling faces of the Namibia people as well as our interactions with the locals.

The full gallery with all 137 pictures can be viewed here: ALA Flickr- People of Namibia.

people of namibia

Andy Austin



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